AmberTech MSM Advance Automatic Lubricator

Lubricate to the Molecular Level

AmberTech MSM Advance operates fully automatically, temperature independent, and very precisely. The system consists of an electromechanical drive unit, a lubrication cartridge (LC) with a lubricant volume of 60, 120 or 250 cm³ and a battery pack. The desired discharge period and LC size can easily be selected with the push button and are immediately visible in the display. The current operating status is indicated on the display and with the all around LED signal lights (red/green), which are visible from a distance.




  1. Longer equipment service life
  2. Temperature independent discharge during the entire discharge period
  3. Increased equipment availability
  4. Reusable drive unit
  5. Discharge is not influenced by temperature changes or counter pressure
  6. Simple and self explanatory operations
  7. Precise settings save lubricant and prevent lubricant starvation
  8. Short ROI through reduced follow up costs
  9. Settings can be changed at anytime

10. Installation at safe and easy-to-access places reduces workplace accidents and saves         time

11. Reduces equipment downtime since the exchange can be carried out while the                     machines are running

12. Lubrication point can be purged to clear blockages

13. Dust and water resistant





AmberTech MSM Advance is used for single-point lubrication of roller and sliding bearings, sliding guides, open gears, gear racks, spindles, shaft seals, and chains. This lubrication system is ideal for applications that require precise lubricant metering. It is a preferred system for electric motors with very specific relubrication amounts. AmberTech MSM Advance is protected against dust and water jets when the individual parts are assembled correctly.


Also, Windmills, Electric motors, conveyers, blowers, fans, and pumps are core industrial applications for the AmberTech MSM Advance.




60 cc

120 cc

250 cc


AmberTech MSM Lubricants are manufactured in the U.S.A.  at an ISO 9001 Certified Facility, ensuring the highest standard of quality.  By replacing lubricants that contain toxic chemicals with AmberTech MSM lubricants; we provide a safer more conducive work environment. 



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