AmberTech M99

Lubricate to the Molecular Level


AmberTech M99 is a high value performance ratio, fire-resistant, extreme pressure ester based lubricant that can be used as an additive to drastically enhance oil, hydraulic fluid, stamping fluid, grease, and other lubrication products. M99 significantly increases the ability of other lubricants to reduce friction, resist corrosion, and improve oxidation stability in extreme pressure and high temperature applications.


“I served in the United States Air Force for Nearly 28 years. I have never seen a product like AmberTech. It’s a Game Changer and has shifted my thinking about lubrication, greases, and metal conditioning 180 degrees out.” – Rob Hopkins, Colonel (Ret.), United States Air Force


Primary Applications


Combustion Engines, Gearboxes, Hydraulic Systems, Pumps, Compressors, Drilling/Tapping/Boring, Air Handlers, Mechanical Systems, Machinery, Generators, Stamping, and Tooling

Note: M99 can be used at 2 oz. per qt. anywhere hydraulic fluid or oil is used. M99 can reduce friction anywhere metal-to-metal contact occurs.


Product Features/Advantages

  • USDA Certified 99% Biobased
  • Nonflammable and Nonhazardous
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Sustainable High Performance in Extreme Pressure Applications
  • High drop point (540 °F)
  • Water resistant
  • Anti-corrosive (Impedes corrosion from rust, oxidation, dirt, etc.)
  • Contains zero environmentally targeted chemistries
  • Detergency (cleans metal at the molecular level)
  • Dispersancy  (spreads evenly throughout the system)
  • Manufactured at an ISO 9001 facility
  • High Oxidative and Thermal Stability
  • Cleans, Conditions, and Strengthens the metal


AmberTech M99 Benefits

  • Decreases friction, metal wear, and vibrations
  • Increases Fuel Efficiency, Horsepower, and Torque
  • Drastically lowers operating temperatures
  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Decreases energy demand on equipment
  • Superior film boundary protection for gears and bearings
  • Extends equipment life through shielding corrosion at molecular levels
  • Minimizes downtime from breakdowns
  • Increases life of carrier lubricant
  • Lowers maintenance and operating costs
  • Increases the equipment’s operational efficiency


                                                 Typical Properties                                          

GHS Product Identifier

AmberTech M99

Test Method

Chemical Name

Surfactant Blend


Physical State






Flash Point

539 °F (282°C)

Closed Cup

Bio-Based Content Analysis

99% Bio-Based


Average Ball Scar Diameter


ASTM D5183

Average Test Scar Diameter


ASTM D5183

Failure Load

No Failure

ASTM D5183

Average Coefficient of Friction


ASTM D4172

Average Ball Scar Diameter


ASTM D4172

Failure Load

4500 lbs.

ASTM D3233

Total Teeth Wear


ASTM D2670


AmberTech M99 Sizes

  • 8 oz. Bottle
  • 1 gal. Jug
  • 2.5 gal. Jug
  • 5 gal. Bucket
  • 55 gal. Drum
  • 275 gal. Tote

AmberTech M99 features excellent stability for continued long service life. A review of the SDS demonstrates that AmberTech lubricants provide a safer work environment when compared to conventional lubricants. 


AmberTech MSM Lubricants are manufactured in the U.S.A. at an ISO 9001 Certified Facility, ensuring the highest standard of quality.  By replacing lubricants that contain toxic chemicals with AmberTech MSM lubricants; we provide a safer more conducive work environment.

" I served in the United States Air Forces for nearly 28 years. I have never seen a product like AmberTech; it’s a “Game Changer” and has shifted my thinking about lubrication, greases, and metal conditioning."

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- Hopkins, Colonel (Retired) USAF

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I’ve been in the aircraft maintenance, munitions, and logistics business for a long time. I wished I had AmberTech when I served in the United States Air Forces for nearly 28 years. I have never seen a product like AmberTech; it’s a “Game Changer” and has shifted my thinking about lubrication, greases, and metal conditioning 180 degrees out. With a 99% USDA bio-based product, not only does AmberTech have exceptional film strength and cooling properties, it is environmental friendly…there are no chemicals. In addition, AmberTech reduces friction, emissions, wear, heat, vibration, and maintainability; as well as increases efficiencies, effectiveness, reliability and productivity. I have seen what rust, dirt, sand, grit, oxidation can do to aircraft, machinery, tooling, and equipment under all sorts of environments, to include combat.  AmberTech can and will reduce labor, material, and machine costs!!! And where it counts the most, AmberTech will save lives. Where time matters, AmberTech will save time!!! AmberTech will significantly help the environment. AmberTech has been rated a Hazard Code “A”…no hazards at an Air Force Air Logistics (center) Complex. Another area where AmberTech will benefit any production effort is where continuous process improvement is used and needed. AmberTech is an enabler for LEAN/Six Sigma. I’m truly intrigued with AmberTech’s characteristics and capabilities.

— Hopkins, Colonel (Retired) USAF



          Carbon Steel Without M99


          Carbon Steel Treated with M99



AmberTech M99 Product Flier.pdf

AmberTech M99 SDS.pdf

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