AmberTech MSM

Lubricate to the Molecular Level

What is MSM?

AmberTech MSM (Molecular Surface Modification) is a unique, naturally derived technology that enhances the performance of lubricants, providing the user with measurable and meaningful benefits.  The MSM Technology makes the critical difference in lubricant performance and behavior.  Machined metal surfaces have a positive molecular charge.  This charge is a result of interruption of the metal’s molecular crystal structure that occurs in machining.  Conventional fluid lubricants are not formulated to adapt to or utilize this condition.  Conversely, AmberTech M99 carries a complementary negative molecular charge therefore it becomes bound to all metal surfaces.  This physical chemical attraction is very strong and tenacious.   


The AmberTech MSM molecules arrange in successive layers and interlock as the opposing surfaces are forced together under pressure and close tolerance.  In practical terms, The MSM/lubricant complex stays in place regardless of operational factors and you no longer have metal rubbing against metal……it’s AmberTech against AmberTech!  This alteration in the metal surface (see below) minimizes friction, heat and metal wear.  This unique molecular exchange is what empowers AmberTech MSM lubricants with their superior performance. 


Every type of machine, engine, or mechanical device can greatly benefit from the AmberTech MSM Technology.  This revolutionary technology is available in our AmberTech M99 concentrate and as a component of the AmberTech MSM Grease, AmberTech Sport Treatment, and AmberTech PSL (Penetrating Spray Lubricant)


Special Metals Scanning Electron Microscope Analysis:

Carbon steel w/o M99 and Carbon Steel treated with M99

Metal Surface at 1000X Mag.               M99 Treated Metal Surface at 1000X Mag.


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