Lubricate to the Molecular Level


AmberTech MSM lubricants are engineered to meet the environmental requirements for the Marine Industry. The AmberTech MSM components are readily biodegradable, making them the perfect choice for applications on or near the water. Also, our lubricants provide optimum protection in the most rigorous conditions, weather it be fresh or salt water. AmberTech MSM lubricants will meet the challenges and deliver superior performance on jet skis, small boats, or large ocean vessels.



AmberTech M99

AmberTech MSM Grease

AmberTech PSL


Primary Applications

Industrial marine vessels, navy fleets, tugboats, speed boats, fishing boats, yachts, barges, airboats, inflatable boats, jet skis, pumps, boat trailers, bearings, and almost any other marine applications. The PSL is the perfect cleaner for ship hulls and impedes corrosion.


Product Specific Applications

M99: Internal Lubricated Machinery: Engines, Hydraulic Systems, etc.

PSL: All external and internal Stainless Steel and chrome plated surfaces. Engine and transmission mounts and numerous brackets throughout machinery spaces subject to humidity and lack of air movement. Also, the PSL lubricates all moving parts (linkages, cables, etc) and can be used as a cleaner/corrosion inhibitor on the ship hull or propellers.

Grease: Any greasing application within the marine industry.



  • Increases fuel efficiency, horsepower, and torque
  • Sustainability and reliability in the harshest conditions
  • Significantly reduces friction, heat, and metal wear
  • Increases extreme pressure lubricating properties
  • Dramatically decreases greasing intervals
  • Minimizes downtime due to equipment failure
  • Continues to provide lubrication in high stress situations
  • Water resistant
  • Nonflammable, nontoxic, and biodegradable
  • Cleans and conditions ship hulls
  • Impedes corrosion (from rust, oxidation, grime, algae, etc.)
  • Improves overall efficiency
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Contains zero environmentally targeted chemistries
  • USDA certified 99% biobased technology






"The tracks saw constant corrosion due to the water being carried up the rails. Sometimes weights would reach 3,000 tons and our tracks even twisted once... we began seeing more than positive results shortly after the first application. We then treated our rail wheel bearings, gearboxes, and then our hydraulics. The lubrication problems were gone." - Les Lore, McGinnis, Inc., Projects Manager

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