Lubricate to the Molecular Level


Conquer every unique lubrication challenge you face in the manufacturing process with AmberTech MSM lubricants.  Our lubricants protect hydraulics, gears, and more from degradation, oxidation, and scarring by dramatically decreasing friction and operating temperatures.  AmberTech MSM lubricants provide superior reliability, sustainability, and efficiency, empowering you to maximize productivity.   



AmberTech M99

AmberTech MSM Grease

AmberTech PSL


Primary Applications

Gearboxes, hydraulic units, turbines, conveyer belts, steelwork production, fabrication, bearings, gears, chains, cables, drivelines, compressors, forklifts, genie lifts, generators, inverters, heaters, power washers, pumps, and almost any other application within the manufacturing industry.



  • Decreases friction, heat, and metal wear
  • Dramatically decreases greasing intervals
  • Minimizes downtime due to equipment failure
  • Continues to provide lubrication in high stress situations
  • Increases extreme pressure lubricating properties
  • Decreases dangerous greenhouse gas emissions
  • Decreases oil consumption
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Reduces energy demand
  • Cleans, conditions, and strengthens the metal surface
  • Impedes corrosion
  • Improves overall efficiency
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Contains zero environmentally targeted chemistries
  • USDA certified 99% biobased technology

Chrysler Corporation M99 Heat Reduction Test: Hydraulic Pumps


Chrysler Corporation M99 Heat Reduction Test: Gearboxes


Real life testimonial from Tastee Apple


" It is not often that a product comes along that actually does everything that the “seller” says it will do, especially in a 24×7 industrial application like ours. We do not have to grease the machines as often as we were! "

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- Haluk Ozturk, President, S & D Paper

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 Thank you for sharing your great AmberTech products with us at Encore Industries. We are now using AmberTech in our molding machines and seeing great results. It is not often that a product comes along that actually does everything that the “seller” says it will do, especially in a 24×7 industrial application like ours. We do not have to grease the machines as often as we were! This saves us on the cost of grease as well as the labor needed to get the greasing wells filled. We are seeing less friction and an overall improvement in our equipment. One thing we are doing is using the concentrate to clean our molds. What a great result we have seen by using some light steel wool and AmberTech to clean the residue off of the tooling! The molds are cleaner and we are going longer in between downtime to clean them. As Encore Industries continues to use AmberTech and see the results, I will be sure and pass them on to you. Thanks for a great product!

Karl McMichael, VP of Manufacturing, Encore Plastics Corporation 


Mr. Rob Hopkins introduced your AmberTech products last August. Since the beginning of September we have applied both AmberTech grease and M99 to several of the components of our paper and paperboard converting equipment at our facility. So far we have noticed the following:


1)   The gearbox on the sheeter: We have applied approx.. 1 oz. per qt. of the AmberTech M99 to the gearbox. Normally, when running the sheeter for 4 to 6 hours, the gearbox temperature gets up to 110 to 120 degrees. After applying the AmberTech, we have noticed the reduction of the gearbox temperature by 20 degrees. We will now use AmberTech on two of the other gearboxes that are on the rotary die cutter and the sheet fed die cutter.

2)   The back stand brake housing of the sheeter: We have applied a full strength of AmberTech M99 on the brake housing where the grease and dirt was built up. After cleaning up the old grease, we have applied 1 oz. per qt. of the AmberTech M99 and over the last two months we have noticed a great control of the brake pads. We have also noticed that the brake housing have a smooth finish and we have a better brake control when applying tension to the brakes.

3)   Grease Fittings: First we had applied the AmberTech grease to several of the gear housing where we had some noise and heat build up. After using the AmberTech grease we have seen reduction in temperature and less noise on three of the gear housings. Now we have been applying the AmberTech grease to over 70 of the grease housings at our facility.

4)   Rider Roll Guides: In the past we have applied different lubricants on the rider roll guides. Mr. Rob Hopkins has applied AmberTech M99 on a steel wool and cleaned up the old residues. He then applied M99 using a wiping cloth. We have seen that it is easier to turn the rider rolls up and down and there is no build up on the guides.

5)   Rewinder Back Stand: We have applied AmberTech M99 to the back stand guides and also applied 1 oz. per qt. of the AmberTech M99 to the hydraulic tank. We have noticed less noise when moving the back stand left and right and up and down. Also, we noticed there is a smoother finish on the pistons. Over all we are very pleased with both of the AmberTech Products.


— Haluk Ozturk, President, S & D Paper



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