AmberTech MSM: Environmental Impact

Lubricate to the Molecular Level

Biodiversity is a primary core value in which AmberTech was established.  We at AmberTech believe that we all have a moral and professional obligation to actively participate in the preservation and restoration of the earth and it’s inhabitants.  Together we can literally change the course of history.  Utilizing AmberTech MSM Industrial lubricants will significantly contribute to the reduction of our Carbon Footprint.  AmberTech MSM lubricants are composed of natural and renewable resources providing the solution for a Sustainable Future.


Objective: Addressing Climate Change and Improve Air Quality

Solution: When AmberTech M99 is added to the oil in combustion engines there is an increase in fuel efficiency up to 17% and decrease in dangerous Greenhouse Gas Emissions into the atmosphere on average of 33.1%.

Objective: Taking Action on Toxic Waste and Chemical Safety

Solution:  AmberTech MSM lubricants significantly decrease oil consumption, greasing intervals and disposal of toxic and chemical waste worldwide.  These reductions minimize the spill off, disposal, and contamination to the earth and the waterways, therefore protecting people, land, water and air.  




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