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Lubricate to the Molecular Level

Our Mission is to deliver a premium line of industrial lubricants worldwide, that go beyond lubrication protection, providing superior sustainability and reliability in the most demanding environments.


AmberTech M99

AmberTech MSM Grease

AmberTech PSL (Penetrating Spray Lubricant) 


We at AmberTech pride ourselves in providing superior Industrial Lubricants.  We are committed to delivering lubricants that exhibit flawless performance especially in the Most Extreme Applications.  Our products are manufactured in ISO 9001 Certified Facilities, ensuring the highest standard of quality.  This allows us to provide globally certified lubricants with unlimited production capabilities. Our lubricants range in package sizes;from 8 oz. bottles to 275 gallon totes.

AmberTech M99 is a high value performance ratio, fire-resistant, extreme pressure, and ester based biodegradable lubricant.  The proprietary formula of AmberTech M99 is infused into all AmberTech lubricants differentiating them from every other industrial lubricant in the marketplace.

AmberTech MSM Grease is a high performance, extreme pressure grease that exhibits outstanding film strength and resistance in the most corrosive environments.  It has been validated to drastically reduce greasing intervals up to 90%  significantly reduce operating temperatures at Fortune 500 companies.

AmberTech PSL (Penetrating Spray Lubricant) is a mixture fo bio-derived components infused with our proprietary formula AmberTech M99, empowering it with superior performance.  AmberTech PSL lubricates, cleans, conditions and probects the metal surface.  This extraordinary spray lubricant is ideal for all external mechnical systems and metal surfaces that require a lubricant, cleaner, degreaser, or surface protectant. 

AmberTech MSM Lubricants are utilized throughout all industries, especially Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Mining, Aviation, Defense and Homeland Security, Energy, Drilling, Manufacturing, Transportation, Construction and Agriculture industries.  They can be used as a stand-alone lubricant or in combination with other fluids.

The biodegradability properties of AmberTech MSM Lubricants make them the ideal choice for applications in which the lubrication is in contact with the environment.

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